Baby Shower Madlib Game - Washi Tape [Personalized Printable]

$25.00 USD

The Scoop

Get Ready For A Case Of The Giggles!

Baby shower games don't have to be boring & cliche. If you're looking for a game that's guaranteed to get the giggles, look no further. This personalized printable baby shower madlib will even be customized to match the shower's color scheme (including that cute digital washi tape!). 

Whether you're celebrating in home or at Mama's favorite coffee shop, guests of all ages will laugh their socks off with their hilarious madlib birth story with wild baby predictions. 

This game also makes for a super fun co-ed couple's shower!

If you love to laugh - and know others who love to laugh too! - be sure to order this hysterical baby shower madlib. Time to get silly, make memories, & celebrate that new life! 

There's even space at the bottom for guests to sign their name & leave a short note for the mom-to-be.

Suitable for baby boys and baby girls. Don't know the gender yet? No problem. The storyline is gender neutral.

What You're Getting...

  • 1 Madlibs Game Printable PDF (2 pages, prints double sided)
  • Personalized with Parents' Names + Shower Colors

Optional Accessories...

  • 1 PDF - 8x10" Matching Sign
  • 1 PDF - 7x5" "How To Play" Madlib instruction cards (with a fun parts of speech primer to job memories & get those creative juices flowing!)
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How This Works...

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Print Dimensions

    Personalized Printable PDFs

    • Baby Madlibs Game is a two page, printable PDF. Simply print Page 2 on the back of Page 1, cut straight down the middle, & you'll have 2 double sided cards, each measuring 5.5 x 8.5". 

    • Madlibs Instruction Cards ("How To Play") print 2 per sheet and include 7x5" crop marks.

    • Shower Sign prints on full sheet of paper & includes 8x10" crop marks.

      Print as many as you need!

        Outside North America? We can format your PDFs to print on A4 card stock, upon request. Just say the word!


        How To Play

        Ideas For How To Play

        • Have everyone play a madlib as they arrive or while they're enjoying the treats. Take turns reading their crazy birth story to the mom-to-be. Let her select the funniest one, and award the "author" with a prize!
        • Or just print one & have everyone shout out words while the host fills in the blanks. Then read the outlandish birth story, & laugh out loud. 
        • You might want to compile the completed cards into a storybook of sorts in an album or scrapbook. Something mom & dad can get a kick out of as their little one grows inch by inch over the years. 
        • You could also have a handful of copies for friends & family to play in the waiting room while they eagerly wait for the bundle of joy to make an appearance.

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