Birthday Party Paper Games For Adults - Printable Download #103

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Birthday Party Paper Games For Adults

These crazy fun but oh so easy birthday party games are ready to print & play... today! Perfect for playing at a restaurant or indoors at home.

Guests of all ages will be laughing themselves silly when they read about their "mad libs" memories of the birthday lady or gent. 

And friends + family will get a kick out of guessing whether the birthday "kid" is younger or older than celebrities, TV shows, popular toys, and more from years gone by. 

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What You're Getting
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD  — Download link emailed immediately after purchase
  • GENDER NEUTRAL  — Fun for both men's & women's birthdays
  • BIRTHDAY AD LIBS GAME — Two page 8.5x11" PDF (two cards per sheet, double sided)
  • YOUNGER OR OLDER GAME + ANSWER KEY / INSTRUCTIONS — Two 8.5x11" PDFs (one game per sheet)
  • HIS & HER SIGNS — 8.5x11" PDF (8x10" sign once cropped)
  • File details & printing tips included too 

MAD LIBS - Print the story side of the PDF on the back of the word list side. Just one cut straight down the middle gets you (2) 5.5x8.5" double sided cards.

Fill out the word list side first to get a crazy funny surprise mad lib story on the back. Includes prompts to get everyone's creative juices flowing while reminding them of verbs, adjectives, etc.

YOUNGER OR OLDER - Have guests write the birth year in the "Established" box on their game card. And don't let them use their phones!

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