Printing Your Games

Download. Print. Play.

Below you'll find info regarding:

  • ordering professional prints of your game
  • tips for printing your game on your home printer
  • playing your game at a virtual gathering

For best results & truest colors, we always recommend having your designs professionally printed on heavyweight matte card stock.

But if super high quality prints aren't a priority, using your personal home printer is a simple & economical solution.

Professional, Affordable, Sustainable Printing with Prints of Love

🖨️ Order Professional Prints

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I've partnered with Prints of Love to offer you lightning fast, affordable prints that don't deplete our beautiful forests. 🌲


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Once you're at my Prints of Love page, follow these simple steps:

1) Printing Type: Cards
2) Card Type: Flat Card, Vertical
3) Card Size: 5.5x8.5
4) Choose between square or rounded corners
5) Select your quantity
6) Choose matte card stock
7) Upload side one (usually titled "1 POL" or "POL")
8) For double sided games, upload side two (usually titled "2 POL")

A professional print rep will review your files & make sure everything's perfect. So rest easy! You're all set.

🖨️ Print At Home

What program or software do I need in order to open my PDF on my computer?

You might need the free Adobe Reader program. It's best to open your PDF on your computer (not a mobile device). Mac users may use the Preview app instead. 

If your file is in a .zip format & you need assistance unzipping it, just hit reply from within your download link email. And I'll hook you up in a jiffy!

What kind of paper should I print on?

Most home printers are incapable of properly feeding thick card stock. This is why I recommend a lighter weight card stock like 65 lb bristol card stock.

I do not recommend using regular copy paper, because it's far too flimsy and you'll most certainly have bleed-through issues with double sided designs.  

What about my printer settings?

Every printer is different, but here's the important stuff:

  1. Print the file (it's title may begin with "HOME") at 100% scale (no shrinking or scaling). 
  2. For double sided games, simply print page two of the PDF on the back of your page one copies. 
  3. Make any cuts necessary for designs with 2 game cards per sheet.

What materials should I use for trimming or cutting?

Scissors are totally fine. But a quicker, more precise method is to use a paper trimmer (commonly found in craft stores).

Why is the PDF password protected?

Copying content from the PDF or exporting into another file format is strictly prohibited and password protected for copyright purposes. However, you will not need a password to print the document as a PDF.

Virtual Gathering?

Wondering how you can play these games on Zoom or some other virtual gathering? It's easy peasy!

Upload your files to to fill out your game like a form. It's free and oh so simple.

Troubleshooting Printables

    Oh no! Some ink bled through to the back side when I printed my two sided design.

    Sadly, this is most likely the result of using a thinner card stock. One way to get around this is to adjust your printer's ink output, if you have that option. Check your printer's manual to see if it offers this capability. If not, you'll want to try printing on a thicker card stock, sending your file to a local or online print shop, or having us print 'em for you.

    The PDF is printing off-centered, & it's driving me nuts! What gives?

    Ugh, I feel your pain. First, please rest assured that the PDF itself is perfectly centered. Most likely, your printer / card stock is the culprit. If your printer turns the card stock 180 degrees (from the paper tray all the way through to the finished tray), you'll need to use a thinner card stock, like 67lb bristol card stock. Or take the file to a local print shop with printers made to handle heavyweight card stock.  

    Still have questions?

    Try the Live Chat feature, and if I'm not online, shoot us a message, and we'll get back to you within one business day.