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Laughing's My Favorite | Sizzle Cone Designs

    Photos courtesy of Amanda Strater Photography & Delightful Perception Photography 

    Once upon a time...

    ...there was a girl who played mad libs all the time. She had the Barbie Mad Libs and Monster Mad Libs and all the mad libs she could get her hands on. Her 5th grade teacher, Mr. Jackson, introduced her to them during English class. She played the mad libs with her brothers and mom... oftentimes they'd end up rolling around on the floor from laughter (well, not Mama!). 

    She had everyone who played write their name & date in the mad lib books, kinda like a yearbook. She kept 'em into adulthood... and still has them! 

    She still plays them ALL. THE. TIME. With her family, her husband, her friends, her friends' kids. Whoever will play! 

    But now she also writes her own funny ad libs & sets them in pretty designs so that people all over the world can play them at their weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners [insert gasp of breath!] - and can laugh till they cry too! 

    Hi, I'm Mindy. And in my circle, I'm known as the "games queen."

    I love watching people connect over a great game.

    I love how party games bring people together and even coax us introverts out of our shells.

    I love hearing people literally laugh out loud.

    And I love the feeling I get when I think about my games sparking joy all around our beautiful world. Now in over 170 countries!


    - Mindy

    Single-handedly running this whirlwind called Wild Truth Design Co (formerly Sizzle Cone Designs)

    Testimonials That Made My Day

    "This made our party! Mindy sent me the PDFs so quickly for this last minute idea. It turned out amazing. And everyone loved it! Great for the rehearsal dinner party! Money well spent." - Amanda

    "Our wedding madlibs came in the mail today! I am absolutely in love with the design. I think our guests will love them and we'll end up with a super personal, funny "guest book." Mindy was an absolute doll to work with and the finished products were at my door so much sooner than expected! :)" - Lauren

    "These mad libs cards were such a hit at our gender reveal party! Everyone had such a great time filling them out and my husband and I had so much fun reading them all and seeing what people drew! They arrived right on time, in perfect condition and my correspondence with Mindy was always timely and helpful. I'll be putting these cards in a scrapbook so our daughter can read them when she gets older, what a great memory to share!" - Chelsea

    "My mad libs came out fantastic!!! Mindy was also a huge help and very accommodating! It was a huge it at my friends bridal shower." - Nicole

    "Very unique and clever mad lib, it was a huge hit at a bridal shower! Owner was lovely to work with and was prompt and courteous in her responses. Highly recommend this shop!" - Stephanie

    "Just received my invitations last night and they were more amazing than I could have imagined! Mindy was very helpful throughout the whole process and answered every one of my questions as quickly as possible! I thought the invitation process was going to be a pain but it was super fast and easy and they are a great quality!" - Gaby 


    "I got my order in today! I added printing and ordered about 120 copies for my wedding including the sign and they turned out sooooo great! I cannot wait to see the look on my guests' faces as they fill these out. My fiancé loved them and we even did a practice one and laughed so much. Mindy was really helpful and prompt too as I had a lot of questions in the beginning. I highly recommend!!" - Dianne

    "I'm so happy with my Christmas card.... I've ordered custom cards for many years from different designers, and this was the first time I didn't need a single revision. Great communication and awesome eye for design!" - Sarah

    "We used our wedding madlibs for a bridal shower. Lots of fun, the scripts were more creative than others I saw online..... wonderful quality paper - (we had ours printed....). Great customer service - extremely prompt in getting proof out for approval - and final product in mail. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun madlib!" - Patti

    "These Mad Libs are the best! They are creative, fun...just fantastic! We've played a couple of practice rounds and we've laughed ourselves silly! I can't wait to use them at our daughter's wedding. Mindy is super easy to work with and very responsive! I highly recommend this shop!" - Libby



    "These Wedding Mad Libs were a huge hit!!! People loved them!!! Mindy was wonderful to work with and had the most upbeat personality! You could really tell she loves what she does for her clients!!" - Stephanie

    "These [Wedding Lib RSVPs] are so fun! It was a pleasure working with Mindy to customize them; she was quick to respond and made sure I was 100% happy with the design before sending the final jpg. Our invitations were sent out last week and we've already received compliments about the reply cards!" - Leah S.

    "We used these [Marriage Advice Libs] for our engagement party and they were a HUGE hit! The shop was easy to work with and very quick to respond." - Amy

      "I looked everywhere for the perfect MadLib for my wedding reception and this was by far the most unique and most beautiful one out there. This one is also double sided, which is a bonus!.... She was very nice to work with as well as very quick with responses. I totally recommend this product and I can't wait to see what stories my guests make!" (edited) -Katie G.


      "We absolutely loved our wedding mad libs and so did our guests!! Out of all the wedding mad libs we saw, these were the funniest and most original. So very glad we choose to include them in our cocktail hour. Going to put them in an album ‚ėļÔłŹ... Thank you so much for making these for our wedding. Truly will I enjoy reading what our tipsy guests wrote for years to come."¬†(edited)¬†- Josie D.


      "Buy with confidence here! Mindy worked closely with me to create a detailed and unusual custom order. Her communication was precise, so by the time we got to the proofs there was very little to revise. The packaging was totally appropriate for the merchandise and safe and secure. The paper quality was very exceptional- heavy, soft and pleasant to touch. I'm probably most happy with whatever she's using to print. Seriously folks, she offers a printing service and between the excellent paper and the high printing production values, I strongly encourage you to let her take care of that detail. You're in good hands with this seller." - Jennifer S.

      "These are great!!! I searched for days online and everything looked and sounded the same. I am confident my guests will love these as much as I do. Worth every penny/highly recommend." -Dashada 

      "I need to say how amazing Mindy is! Honestly this was one of the best purchases I made for our wedding! Mindy was AMAZING to work with and she was very attentive and paid attention to all the little details of the files she customized for our wedding. I would recommend her product and her company 100x over! Honestly, phenomenal customer service and beautiful product!!! Thank you sooo much Mindy for the great product! It added yet another awesome unique element to our wedding and our guests really got a kick out of it! THANK YOU!!! :)" - Erin F.


      "I LOVE the mad libs! I can't wait to see my guests filling these out at my reception in October. I have a feeling that, in retrospect, this purchase will be one of those worth-every-penny situations. Thanks so much to Mindy for sending a GREAT product! :-)" - Stephanie H.


      I'm so very glad you've dropped by. Now... let's make your celebration unforgettably fun!