Pastel Bridal Shower Madlibs Bundle - 6 Games

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Looking for games that'll have everyone in tears from laughter?! These hilarious bachelorette mad libs are the perfect party games for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or lingerie shower. Plenty of potential to get wild n' crazy (wink wink).


Download & play within minutes. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a button to download your games.


The files are flattened, meaning they are NOT EDITABLE. Sold as shown in the listing images. Designed to print beautifully. One cut down the middle gets you two 5.5x8.5 inch cards per sheet.


Crazy funny fill in the blank style ad lib games. Fill out the word list side first to get laugh out loud surprise stories! SIX storylines are included, as shown in the images:

(1) Honeymoon storyline, (2) Proposal storyline, (3) Marriage Advice storyline, (4) Good Wife storyline, (5) Online Dating storyline, and (6) Dream or Disaster? Date storyline



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Use lightweight card stock or heavy letter paper. Print the front PDF first, then print the back PDF on the other side. One cut down the middle gets you two 5.5x8.5 inch cards per sheet. 


🎉 Special Note

When I created this wedding madlib game pack, I had one goal: To make you laugh... a LOT.

I carefully craft my storylines to be effortlessly hilarious. It's an absolute joy laughing myself silly 🤪 - playing, tweaking, and getting my ad libs just right... for YOU!

As an introvert, I've always appreciated how games help coax the shy ones out of our shells and help perfect strangers connect. Laughing together can even birth new friendships!

My heart is that your celebration be ridiculously fun! Tears streaming down faces. Abs chiseled from laughing so hard. Cheeks sore from ear to ear grins.

Because the wild truth is that healing comes from the joyous laughter. There is no sweeter medicine.

xo, Mindy | Minister of Play 😆

Storylines + Designs © 2022 Wild Truth Design Co

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