Boy's First Birthday Time Capsule Letter Madlib

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Many of us get writer's block when we stare down at a blank sheet of paper. That's why I begin this time capsule letter with a fill in the blank madlib. Not so eloquent guests can still participate without the intimidation of a blank page. And the wordsmiths have plenty of room to let the ink flow, even onto the second page. 

Plus it serves as a little lighthearted party fun and is sure to get some giggles from your son when he's all grown up.

Have friends & family write your precious baby boy a special birthday message now, save them in a keepsake memory box or album, and give them to him to read on his 18th birthday. Such beautiful memories you're creating for him!



Download & play within minutes. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a button to download your game.


The files are flattened, meaning they are NOT EDITABLE. Sold as shown in the listing images. Designed to print beautifully. Choose between Letter sized or A4 sized PDF.

Optional - Use scissors or a paper trimmer to remove white space border & get 8x10" cards that easily fit into photo albums & scrapbooks.


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🎉 Special Note


When I created this time capsule madlib letter, I imagined the joy your precious little boy will feel as he reads each one - many years down the road. What a special moment in time! Some of the letters will be sincere, others will make him bust out with laughter. And he'll love each one, connecting with those who gathered to celebrate his first year of life. 

I am honored for the opportunity to play even a small role in helping you to create these incredibly special moments with your son.  

xo, Mindy | Minister of Play 😆

Storyline + Design © 2018 Wild Truth Design Co


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